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12v 10w Led Driver


However you can't see any difference in the light output.If you use 3W LEDs, which has a current consumption of 700mA, the calculation should be: 1,25 divided by 0,7 makes 1,78. So if the resistor is 3,57, constant current will be 350mA. you can use the extra 2.3 Amps to drive more LEDs or other electronics, if you want to.thanks AI. Or would one appear dim from low voltage, or the other burn out from over voltage.

Any advice, however little would be great.

The constant current source has a drop voltage of 3 V, so the supply voltage should always be 3 V higher than the LED voltage and can be up to 37V Do the resistors need to be 10W or are 1W Resistors enough? thanks Hasorry, here is the image link http://reefcentral.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=275324&papass=&sort=1&thecat=
Sorry, I can't sse the image. DIY projects are great but also appreciate when professional EEs pick the right parts, when a factory can get it all made, and delivered to you at a good price ready

12v 10w Led Driver


I would like to control the brightness of the LED using PWW from a Arduino Mega.
Not sure how to do this.
Should I just connect the PWW output from Arduino to the Remember using heatsinks for your regulators and of course LEDs.It is extremely inefficient, among the least efficient ways possible to drive an LED.

There is no point to doing it this way. Type LED calculator into google and the top link is useful.

I like how simple this is. There are drivers for 4-5, 8-15 etc for not much more.

The only thing nice about this circuit is an easy way to calculate the current regardless of (an unknown mystery LED) what the forward voltage of the LED is.

This doesn't inherently a Heatsink for the LM317 (you don't need one as ... 2 Step 2: How It WorksThe LM317 regulator gives out a constant voltage of 1,25 volts between ADJ and Vout, some Wire to hook it up. 10 Watt Led Driver Circuit Diagram in matter of cost efficiency 1 mosfet, 1 npn transistor and 1 limitting resistor would be great.

efficiency is often a luxury i cannot afford.

thanks for the heads up and cleaning up some of my understanding about the lm317 way of doing things.

ok thanks, wonder why For a 3 Volt LED, you would need at least 6Volt input, whereas other circuits will let you use 5 or even 4 Volts input. The higher voltage you supply the LM317 with, the hotter it gets. https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/building-a-driver-for-12v-10w-led.58924/ Switching is the way to go.

It has 350mA and should have 3.2 - 3.4 Volts. 5w Led Driver Circuit Diagram Probably not that efficient as a lot of energy will be wasted on heating up the LM317 device but still a good job.

can you use 1w led driver to power up More by Artificial Intelligence:Add instructable to: Contest GroupRelatedPower LED underwater lightsby Waterfox51Arduino-based High Powered Switching LED Driversby hanlin_yHigh Power LED Driver Circuitsby danConstant Current LED (Arduino) by marc.deloor.5Power LED's - simplest thanks for sharing

this is good driver for led.

High Power Led Driver Circuit Diagram

a LM317 Regulator. http://www.elcircuit.com/2016/10/simple-10w-high-power-led-driver-circuit.html I think I'll use the LM350 and a 3.9 Ohm resistor. 12v 10w Led Driver If your still taking questions.

Or if anyone else here can help me.

If i was to use several star leds in series, all 1w leds, can they be different forward voltages? 10w Led Driver Circuit Diagram 230v a Resistor (see next step).

Ofcourse the efficiency of the LM317 circuit will get better when using more LED's in series it will always at least lose that 3 Volt x LEDcurrentYes you can, because your so, that is the difference

i do appreciate diyers and hackers are willing to do whatever takes to get stuff working. I was told that the other constant current drivers is more efficient because they waste very little power, using the LM317 in my config will waste over 1W of power. You can connect up to ten high power LEDs to this circuit. 12v Led Driver Circuit Diagram

Just accept that and change it accordingly when you make your own plans.

Yup, low value resistor+lots of current = lots of power (heat) loss. btw its a good idea if the efficiency dont bother you

i'm prefer driving HPL with mosfet and npn transistor, since lm317 have big power loss. I've used it to power some LEDs at 350mA but I am looking to assemble a light using LEDs that require a higher current and just want to ask a few a Heatsink for the LM317 (you don't need one as big as mine, I just took one i had laying around).

Nice and cheap and easy.
I do have a quick question if i may. 1 Watt Led Driver Circuit Diagram is it correct? How can I do that with my Arduino?

as the datasheet said the input and output voltage diff must be approx 2-3volt, i think its waste energy.

The closest E12 value is 3,9 ohms, it will give you a constant current of 321mA. I'll post some schematics and applications as soon as i have time.Step 1: Get the Parts.Show All Items Here is a list of the the things you'll need. Also make sure the FET can handle the LED current.


i have 3 volt source and 3 volt led with 20 ma current can u help me in designing driver 3 Watt Led Driver Circuit Diagram morethan 24V will work and change your resistor to 1ohms

i think the heat would be problem.

i need to drive a typical 5W power LED at maximum efficiency as a strobe.

Regards and Thanks.

i made it, the wire melted, it's overheat

Where would I hook up the pot meter it will be a good idea to use a heatsink for the LED as well. or also you could connect it to PWM (the simple PWM could make with 555 ic, but it could only give you 1A current with 4-15V input0... Which one should I use?????
Great aritcle in any case!!!!!!!!!!Forgot to mention the specs of the led's.
forward voltage: 2.9v-3.3v
forward current: 750 mA
hope that helps.I'm building a bike light

The input voltage can change from 9,84V (3,42 + 3,42 + 3) till 37V (3,42 + 3,42 + 30,6). If you get creative, the power loss in the driver circuit can be cut down to almost nothing. some Luxeon, or other brands of high power LEDs (see next step too). oder when cou can help me to tell how i can do it then i made an tut and add inspired by then your nick ,greetz from germany

nice tut.

A switched diode / capacitor combination would work quite well.

this circuit is a nonsense.

using a high power resistor is a proof of very poor efficiency !. Simply using a series resistor will do just as well, just as efficiently. Thank you for your time! :)


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you could make option what type mosfet and npn transistor depend the spec of your HPL. resistor can make your LED low bright or make life of led shorten because no other component limit the ampere.. Step 2: How It Works The LM317 regulator gives out a constant voltage of 1,25 volts between ADJ and Vout, so by adding a resistor between these two outputs, you'll get The best way to drive an LED, whether it be by PWM or not, is by more directly regulating the current but ideally, not using a linear voltage drop stage which